Cremation Guidelines

Cremation Guidelines

It is our intent to serve your family with dignified service as you request. We have listed items that your family may wish to consider when selecting cremation as final  disposition. Many families may wish for a traditional funeral including public viewing and/or funeral service, with cremation after the funeral.

  1. The State of Wisconsin requires a 48 hour waiting period between the time of passing and cremation.
  2. A cremation permit is issued by the Medical Examiner from the county of death. There is usually a fee from that county for this permit.
  3. The Medical Examiner’s office may require a physical viewing of the deceased prior to issuing a cremation permit. Milwaukee and Waukesha County Medical Examiner’s offices require their viewing.
  4. A death certificate needs to be produced and signed by the pronouncing physician prior to requesting a cremation permit.
  5. Should you desire the cremated remains be present for a planned memorial service, please be aware that between 8-10 business days are typically required to process and complete the paperwork, obtain a cremation permit, and carry out the cremation. Of course, you may have a memorial service without the cremated remains present or with an urn that does not contain the cremated remains.
  6. An authorization for our funeral service and the crematory is necessary to cremate human remains. This form is signed by the authorizing agent who is a legal next of kin for the deceased.
    1. If there are multiple legal next of kin, we request they all sign this authorizing statement or give written permission for a legal next of kin to serve as authorizing agent.
    2. It is the responsibility of the authorizing agent to obtain any and all signatures from legal next of kin within a very timely manner. Fax signatures are accepted and they do not need to be notarized.
    3. Should a legal next of kin not be able to be reached, the authorizing agent will need to initial that all reasonable efforts were made to contact that person(s) and that they would not object to the cremation of the decedent’s remains.
    4. Should any legal next of kin object to the cremation of the decedent’s remains, the cremation process will not take place.
  7. Because a power of attorney ceases upon death, a person holding a power of attorney from the deceased cannot authorize cremation based upon that power of attorney.
  8. The remains of the deceased will be placed in a refrigeration/holding room until cremated. There will be a fee for refrigeration.
  9. Embalming is not required for cremation unless there is to be a visitation or funeral ceremony with the body present. Normally, refrigeration is sufficient to preserve an unembalmed body until cremation can be arranged. If refrigeration is not sufficient to prevent decomposition, we may ask for permission to embalm the body or to perform invasive cavity injections to assist preserving the body until cremation.
  10. The remains of the deceased will be cremated in a combustible casket or alternative container that is suitable for the cremation process.
  11. On the cremation authorization form, the legal next-of-kin must provide instructions as to who shall receive the cremated remains and whether they are to be shipped, delivered, or pick-up. If cremated remains are not retrieved by the legal next-of-kin or his or her designee within 45 days after the cremation, the cremated remains may be interred at a local cemetery. All costs of the interment and any subsequent disinterment will be the responsibility of the individual signing the authorization form.
  12. Our firm does not require immediate family members to view and identify their loved one prior to cremation. Should the family wish to schedule a private viewing at our Brookfield location (1875 N. Calhoun Rd.) they are certainly welcome to do so. Appointment times can be accommodated from 9-4, Monday through Friday and Weekends by appointment. Viewings are subject to our private chapel fee and should not exceed 1 hour.


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